Couple nights ago i actually dreamed of blue rectangles, red circles and green triangles. Nothing but shapes. What is happening? I keep doing the exercises and I am adding enjoyment to everything I do, even washing dishes has become a pleasure. I don’t start any activity without an “I promise to…… and I always keep my promises” I am finding that is getting to be a joy to do things. I am more alert and happy. I also joined the gym, funny how my blue print ran that part of keeping me away with nonsense excuses like that I didn’t know how to use the machines and worried about how other think. I go in there now and I enjoy myself. It is awesome. I have 2 aha moments so far this week. The first one was about that it started to rain, i was going to the gym and a truck in a car lot had its windows open I was thinking about calling them, then I thought what if they say is non of my business or say thanks and criticize me for it or someone else will call them. So i didn’t call. I noticed how I invent things to stop me. The other is about I was worried how I was going to accomplish my DMP by just thinking about and I started to notice opportunities and abundance just driving down the street. I am not worried anymore.